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As the artist I will capture the mood, atmosphere, and energy of the day through color and impressionistic brush strokes. Live painting offers quiet, beautiful entertainment throughout your wedding. The final painting will become a keepsake and a treasured memory that symbolizes the love shared on your wedding day.



 Allow me to capture one of the happiest and most memorable days of your life, on canvas.

See live painting packages here.

How does it work?

Before the wedding day or event, I will have a consultation with the client to get specifics on the big day, the painting site location and the moment and special details to include. Typically, I paint the ceremony or reception featuring the first dance. Set-up involves me arriving at the painting location 2-3 hours early to paint in the background before you or your guests arrive. As guests arrive, I begin to fill in portraits and then focus on the bride and groom. Every painting is different, but my style is impressionistic and created with loose brushstrokes while capturing the most important details. 

How long do you paint?


Depending on the package you choose, I am typically at the venue for approximately 5 hours. I arrive 2-3 hours before the wedding to paint in background and continue into the reception.

What size canvas do you use?

The use an18x24" or 24x36" canvas in most cases, but I am happy to use custom sized canvases.

Do you travel?

Yes! I do charge a mileage fee if the event is over an hour outside of Lexington, Ky. If you have a wedding that is 3-5 driving hours away from Lexington, there will be a gas fee and hotel room provision; 5+ hours will require a flight and hotel room. Please see packages for more information.

What will you paint at my wedding?

This is your choice. Typically, I paint the couple hand in hand at the alter, the exit, or the first dance, but it is up to you!

How much does it cost?

My base package includes 5 hours of painting on an18x24 inch canvas and starts at $2000 (not including travel). See packages and add ons here.










Contact me about your big day!

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