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Hey there,


I’m Rae (Rachael) Pawley. I’ve grown up here in Kentucky, went to UK for my Studio Art degree and the University of the Cumberlands for my Masters in Art Education. I’ve worked in Art Education for 8 years at the high school level where I’ve been lucky enough to have amazing students and opportunities to continue improving my own skills and techniques. I've been making art whole life and really started focusing on painting during college and haven't put down my brush since.


I married a man I’ve known since third grade and have two little girls who fill our lives with joy, laughter, and nervous excitement. I feel so lucky that I get to see their curiosity, the magic, and the newness of the world through their eyes every day.


I’ve known all my life that I wanted to be an artist. My mother can make or sew anything. She made my dream prom dress that is still hanging in my closet (and I would definitely wear it if it still fit). My mom has also kept every drawing, painting and craft I've ever made and I’m pretty sure she still has a collection from my elementary school years in her closet. I grew up listening to my dad recite poems and sing songs with my sister and me in the car. He taught me to be tough and the value in having adventures. My high school art teacher was also incredibly influential and I learned to be bold, be myself. and take risks because of her.


My artwork is inspired by the simple things in life that bring us happiness. I try to capture a look, mood or emotion that encapsulates the moment. My favorite medium is acrylic paint, but I’m obsessed with art in all mediums and you can find me making earrings, doing crafts with my girls or making digital artwork for prints if I can sneak in the time.

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